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Inspired by the warrior way from the days of yore, and the success of last years Freya Gi, we sat down not only with a purpose to improve and further develop, but to create its male counterpart. The obvious choice fell on Freya’s husband, the all-father of the Norse gods: Odin. The god’s chief, and the chief’s god. It gives us great pleasure to introduce our two special editions Odin and Freya. Hope you love them as much as we do.


and quality

The gis are produced in steel gray 450 gsm Pearl Weave cotton and 8 oz RipStop, resulting in a medium heavy, durable gi wheighing about 1.6 kg in size A2/medium


Fully loaded with specially designed details, in blue or purple worthy a Norse god and goddess, we raise our horn to celebrate the ever growing BJJ community in Scandinavia.

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